The I try too hard guy

We all know this guy, the guy that pushes his product a little too hard. By the end of the night all you want to say is “I realize you are God’s gift to womankind but I am a bit overwhelmed and never want to talk to you again!”

A friend of mine encountered such a man at a wedding she was at the other weekend. Let’s recap some of his best attempts:

He was applying for his MFA in Photography and mentioned three of the best schools in the area you could go to for a MFA saying “these are really the only ones I am applying for.”

My friend mentioned yoga and this man then proceeded to go into the crow and pushed up into a handstand. For those of you who do not know yoga, this means he is ridiculously strong. Ridiculous. My friend wasn’t even talking to him – he just overheard a conversation she was having.

At one point in the evening (since he was like a little puppy following her around) she offered him a cigarette – he politely declined, but of course could not just say no. Instead, he said, “I will have to decline, not that I’m a prude, it’s just I am running 20 miles tomorrow.”

She told him she was going to Amsterdam so he starts speaking to her in Dutch.

When everyone started dancing at the wedding he created space around him and all out started popping and locking.

When she said goodbye to him he said goodbye to her in Africans

He was not trying to carry a conversation with her at all; he was basically trying to tell her how great he was. He did not ask her a single question about herself although he appeared very interested in her since he was watching her all night and following her around.


Eric said...

Pfsh, whatever. This guy's got nothing. I can do everything he can do and more. Plus, I can fly. And one time I saved a box full of kittens from a meteor.

No big deal.

karla said...

He sounds like a good candidate for National Arrogance Day...

john said...

Quite the renaissance guy...too bad she was interested in a multilingual, artistic, yoga man. He spoke Dutch AND Afrikaaner? Wow.

Lindsey said...

For the yoga illiterate (myself included), I looked up the crow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQYJfCbHp_c

Dang, that guy really went all out.

Searching for the Yeti said...

thanks, lindsey. i should add that link to the post - i didn't know what it was either :)

and karla...you are so right!! hilarious!

Olivia McCain said...

National Arrogance Day!! Woo-hoo!!!

actually, i think eric would also be great on National Arrogance Day. :)

Olivia McCain said...

also, if i were you friend i would have said something along the lines of, "I won't be impressed until you learn to ovulate."

let's see him do that!

lizzo said...

LOL to eric's comment....

i believe this is the same guy who, several summers ago, when cha said she liked french things, started speaking in french for the rest of the evening. and then preceded to do karate spin-kicks around the beach. freak.