Awkward situation

#3: Visiting a boyfriend out of state and getting broken up with mid-trip.

No one wants to be there anymore:
He wants you gone.
You want to leave.
...why didn't you just drive?

*note: this scenario did not actually happen to me, don't be afraid to comment.


Olivia McCain said...

awkward situation: you call your boyfriend on Christmas morning to wish him a Merry Christmas and another woman answers the phone.

Good Times!

john said...

ouch to both scenarios!
Or driving halfway across the USA with a woman who you're into, and you think is into you, only to find out that upon arriving at the destination...that she is so into someone else.
And you still have to drive all the way back home with her as well.
Happened to me right out of college. ugh.

Saturday Morning Mystic said...

Or my friend M's case. She flew out to see her best friend, and also to "come out" to her. Her friend took her to the airport immediately and cut off contact with her completely. Yeah...poor lady.

konigsmark said...

Well I was the boyfriend.

you now I will just take this to my blog for tomorrow.

Dave and Betsy: said...

awkward situation: Going on a vacation to FL and staying in the same hotel room with your ex-boyfriend, his brother and your best friend, on tickets you bought with your ex-boyfriend before you broke up, telling yourself it's o.k. now we're just friends and adults, these don't have to go to waste. Yeah, that was me and Dave. It was not pretty.

Searching for the Yeti said...

wow...those are all really pretty awful. I think THIS is why long-distance relationships are so bad...not cause distance itself is bad - cause when it's over...you end up in situations like THESE!
thanks for sharing your painful memories everyone :)

Michi said...

Or your long distance boyfriend of 2 years can break up with you over the phone, after spending the weekend with you. Yeah, or THAT could happen. ;)

clj said...

If this were to happen, it would be very hard to not be aggressive, or at the least passive-aggressive back at them. I know that this kind of thing has happened in other kinds of relationships. Going on a trip can be a real test.

Jessica said...

I've got one...

Try being told by the guy you've dated for four years that he "doesn't know what he wants" 4 days before you graduate. In the meantime you have to complete all final papers (25+pgs) AND (the worst part) - the jerk still flies across the country to come to your graduation knowing full well that he has already moved on to another girl.

come on guys - what's up with that?