My friend Ipp did an amazing post on the NCMO. I have copied and pasted it here for you convenience, but you can also CLICK HERE and read his original post. Go ahead, chime in - what do YOU think about the NCMO?

Pronunciation: \ nic-mo\ or \ non committal make out\
Function: verb
Etymology: English slang, deriving from Christian youth subculture.
Date: Late 1990s
1. The act of engaging in kissing or make out type actions with no expectation or hope for a future relationship.

At one time or another we have all entertained the thought of the NCMO. Some of us joke more candidly about the idea, and still there are even a select few that have utilized the NCMO. Nevertheless, there are still many questions surrounding the event. Is a NCMO truly possible?

Sure, we all have our animalistic urges for physical affection. We often pawn off the idea, but everyone needs a good hug to keep his or her sanity. When the well runs dry, to what lengths are we allowed to seek other means of quenching our thirst?

On paper the NCMO works perfectly for this occasion. However, what are the true expectations of the involved parties? Common sense will tell you that at least one of the parties [if not both] anticipates more than a one-time rendezvous. With false expectations curtailing from at least one member, awkward encounters are the least of concerns.

What about those individuals who base an entire relationship off the NCMO? They continue to engage in the non-committal make out, time and time again. The investment of feelings and emotions are bound to enter the equation at some point.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

There are two sides of the coin any way you flip it. Regardless of the intentions, the consequences seem to be cloudier than a smog heavy day in Los Angeles.

What are your thoughts on the NCMO?


Wendy said...

NCMO Synchronicity - Last night I dreamt Ipp helped me fix my bike. Later in the dream, I thanked him with a little friendly necking.

True story.

Man, I miss you guys!

The Gigglepuss said...

I was in a band called NCMO. :)

konigsmark said...

If was really a NCMO... I might say yes. However, I have never seen one of these work in the wild.

clj said...

I think it is great that people dream of making out with Ipp.

Michelle said...

I could use some NCMO right about now. Or like, later. After I've brushed my teeth.

sarah christoph said...

my thoughts: don't do the NCMO, and wait till you find a person you can commit to, in which case a little CMO might be ok, as long as it doesn't lead to the NCSE- Non-committal sexual encounter. Just my opinion... :)

Anonymous said...

where people= one person.

Anonymous said...

Does NCMO include Non Committal Heavy Petting? Or is that NCHP?

Anonymous said...

The only way I see it really NCMO working is if it is a complete stranger that you will never see again. Otherwise I think something is just gotta linger between friends.

naphtali vail said...

So previous to this summer I had had avoided the NCMO, but this summer was in need of some entertainment and decided to engage in a little NCMO. Unfortunantly my NCMO turned into drama when my guy who I didn't really know ... turned out having a girlfriend that I did.... so suddenly my NCMO turned into drama ... which was not what I looking for from my friendly nights of locking lips.

Jeffery said...

I first learned of the NCMO while working in Alaska with a group of kids from a very conservative religion. There was an ongoing debate about the NCMO among these kids.

It was surprising to see how many pro-NCMOers there were, interesting to hear their rational, and funny to see how many hurt feelings inevitably followed these "non-commital" incidents.