What is the biggest turnoff for a guy?
1. If he smokes
2. If he chews
3. If he cares about his car more then you
4. If he is flirty with bimbos at the bar while you are around
5. If he wears v-necks
6. If he has excessive body hair
7. If he has a psycho mother
8. If he gets drunk all the time
9. If he doesn’t know the capital of Minnesota
10. If he makes his own deodorant and it doesn't work
11. If he has a bad laugh
12. If he tells sexist jokes
13. If he checks himself out in every car window you pass as you walk down the sidewalk
14. If he eats with mouth open
15. If he can’t use chopsticks
16. If he wears board shorts to work
17. If he can’t use mental math to calculate a tip
18. If he doesn’t know how to talk to his grandparents
19. If he has a dog and doesn’t pick up its poo
20. If his myspace profile picture is still his football picture from senior year of high school
21. If he honks the horn a lot in the car
22. If he doesn’t realize clipping his toenails is a good thing
23. If he tries to correct your grammar
24. If he won’t eat McDonalds
25. If he only eats McDonalds
26. If he talks about his mom on all your dates
27. If he wears axe body spray
28. If he tattoos your name to his ass
29. If he tries to make you stop drinking coffee
30. If he still sleeps in bunk beds…

Go ahead, add some of your own.
And thanks to The Hulk for helping me with this list - you just GET me ;-)


Olivia McCain said...

1. If he's not clean
2. If he's always late
3. If his favorite movie stars Adam Sandler
4. If he's not responsible with money
5. If he claims he thinks he's Buddhist but really he's just lazy and doesn't want to go to church on Sunday mornings
6. If he's a Scientologist

Olivia McCain said...

**and by "1. If he's not clean" I mean if his apartment is a pig sty....

Eric said...

None of these. I think my main turnoff is that he's a guy.

mike said...

Dang it! #23, guess I'm out.

Julia Camille said...

Mike...you are fine. That is more for the incessant fixers ;-) Yours was appreciated!

john...as the spirit leads. I can only speak for myself.

the kicker is... said...

1. If he has a truth-telling problem (which includes partial truth-telling, avoiding telling the whole story, etc)
2. If he's an excuse-maker
3. If he has a balance problem (i.e. talks about himself too much too often)
4. If he talks about ex girlfriends on the first date
5. If he's cheesy like a used car salesman

Michi said...

Kicker, I love your #3. "You have a balance problem"...what a great way to say "You're self-absorbed!" :)

Barry said...

best post ever

Bonnie said...

another one is when they are "adjusting" themselves frequently. PLEASE touch your privates in private!