So, I started exercising again last week. That’s right. I am not an unhealthy person, but I do have a difficult time getting to the gym unless I have something motivating me. January 2007 I trekked to Annapurna Base Camp with Peak Performance – that motivated me to get in the gym to train so I wouldn’t keel over and die midway through the trek. Unless I have something like that I have a hard time working out. I hate running. I think this is the reason. I don’t even enjoy it a little. I have to trick my body into cardio. I go salsa dancing and my body just thinks it is having fun – she doesn’t realize she’s also getting a good workout. That’s the way I like to exercise.
WHY did I go running three times last week and then again this week? For a boy. That’s right, I wanted to impress a boy. And I can pretty much guarantee you he doesn’t even know. And I am also confident he would not be all that impressed with my 1.2 mile run around the neighborhood that ends in my gasping and limping home. Why do we do stuff like this to ourselves? Why do we passive aggressively beg for attention?
OK…back to salsa dancing and donating $28 a month to the gym.


CLJ said...

I noticed you running, although I'm positive I'm not the one you wanted to notice

Olivia McCain said...

i start doing more sit-ups. guys like to put their hands on girl's waists...so i get very self-conscious of my waist and stomach.

do guys work out more when they starting dating a girl, in hopes of impressing her? or is this just a girl thing?

Kimberly said...

You wrote "I have to trick my body" into exercising. YES! This is exactly why I took up rock climbing in college. You want to go with me? You won't even know you're toning!

the kicker is... said...



Nice, J - very nice! ;)

Eric said...

Do guys start exercising more when we start dating? No. We just spend a lot more time flexing in front of the mirror. The hours pass so quickly...

As for tricking your body into working out, it's like Kim says. You gotta do something you find fun anyway! I, for example, won't do any workout that doesn't include going upside down or climbing on something. I hate running too - it isn't the only way to get cardio.

john page said...

Yep, Eric, you got it right, way more flexing.
Now that I'm married I work out/exercise because it makes me feel good, and makes me feel good about myself. I'm not in any way wanting to get "ripped" or whatever, but I'd like to be in good shape and good health for my wife...I've found the one I love and I'd like to stay around as long as possible and enjoy life with her.
So, I do it more for the healthy living aspect of it.
I agree with all those who said find something you enjoy doing and do that for exercise.

Barry said...

external motivation may sound bad, but it is a means to the same end.

although the mental/emotional side-effects of such an endeavor may be less than desirable.

my advice:
ride a bike.
three reasons
1. less impact than running
2. if you are tired on a bike you can stop pedaling and the bike continues to move...you still feel like you are working out.
3. spandex bike shorts not only look like sexy diapers, but they feel like sexy diapers too.