The Lady Kill

I have a friend [ok…I may or may not have had a big crush on him in the past] that hits me with these phrases all the time. Hey Lady! You’re such a special lady! or Hey Pretty Lady!

What’s with the word lady? I think it is most typically used when referring to ones aunt or grandmother. It is never a good sign when you get “lady-ed” by someone. Unless it is someone’s mother or grandmother telling their son you are a nice lady they should ask out – then, for some reason, the word is taken as a compliment.

One of my roommates tried to argue this with me. She said she thought it COULD be a term of endearment – I think she was just being a good [or bad] roommate allowing me to live in the illusion of my crush.

So what should you call a female in the 20-30 range?
If lady makes us feel old and undesirable.
Chick makes us feel like an animal or ditzy piece of eye candy.
Babe makes us feel like a sidekick or someone who just looks good on your arm.
Girl makes us feel seven years old [except I think I am OK with girl]
Miss makes us feel too polite or from colonial times.
Ms makes us feel pathetic and single.
Mrs just rubs in the fact that we aren’t [unless of course you are then…just ignore this one]
Mamn makes us feel old.
Woman seems to be the ticket. But somehow it feels funny to say. “I met a nice woman.”

So, women who read this blog, what do you think?


Barry said...

cut off her legs and call her "shorty"

lot of rappers do it.

Olivia McCain said...

my boyfriend calls me Babe and i'm cool with that.

all my girlfriends call me 'girl' as in, "I'm going out with the girls" and that's cool too.

i call all boys "boys" and not "men". whatever, not much has changed since 7th grade anyway.

Lindsey said...

How about mamacita?

daphne said...

i prefer the french slang: "go"

this refers to a female our age, who is typically cool

plus its fun to say : )

the kicker is... said...

I don't know - Lenny Kravitz makes me feel pretty good about "lady" :)

Nancy said...

I left a comment, but it somehow got lost...so I'm going to re-write it as best I can!

I knew/know a guy who called women "gals." It was always, "So-and-so is such a nice gal." I felt thrust back into the 1930's every time he used the word. Unfortunately, this is an example of another one NOT to use!