Time for another pick-up line. This happened to a beautiful married friend of mine as she was walking down...you guess it, Walnut street.

I was walking and reading as I always do, but still moving at a pretty good pace. I cross the street and start approaching these two African American guys up in front of me. They are not walking at quite the speed I do, so I catch up and kinda work my way around them while at the same time continuing to read. Despite this, they try to talk to me:

Stranger: "Hi, how are you?"
Friend: "Great thanks, and you?"
Stranger: "Man, I'm bad"
Friend: "I'm sorry."
Stranger: "Can I talk to you about my problems?"
Friend: [knowing where this is going] "I'm sorry I really have to get back to the office"
Stranger: "Well, can I get your number and call you so we can talk about my problems?"
Friend: "I'm sorry, I don't think my husband would like that."
Stranger #2 : [laughs, smacks his friend on the shoulder] "Dude, her husband... [laughs some more]
Stranger 1: "OK, have a nice day."
Friend: "Thanks, you too, bye."

Wow. Guys will say ANYTHING to try and get a girls number. Problems? Really? Like that wasn't apparent in just a few minutes of talking to you.
And these guys sure gave up a lot faster then Mr. Los Robles...wish I had run into them on the street instead of him.


Jus said...

Yeah, but you wouldn't have had the husband excuse, and so you might've ended up giving your number anyway. And then ... well, we know what happened with that.

Barry said...

are "momma jokes" good pick up lines?

Leann said...

Even if you're not, you can pretend to be married.
It works just the same.

Olivia McCain said...

the guys would have been better off saying "my days great! i just cured cancer! can i have your phone number so i can call you sometime and invite you to the gala celebrating how i just cured cancer?"