Los Robles Part III

How about one more updated on the Los Robles Man?? Or shall we call him the worst mistake of 2008?

After getting your advice [well, some of you. I know there are more of you that read my blog then kindly voted giving me your advice on what to do…shame on you!] I decided just to ignore our dear friend. But he, unfortunately, did not ignore or forget about me.

If you would like to know the magic number of phone calls it takes to officially label you a stalker and finally get a girl to respond [albeit out of frustration] it is SEVEN. That’s right…the guy has called me SEVEN times without a hint of a response from me.

Can we say lack of social skills?

I shared a bit about calls 1,2 & 3 with you…calls 4-6 were hang ups when I did not answer. But then came call #7. And this is the message I received:

Yeti, sweetheart, this is Kevin. Are you studying hard or ignoring me or both? Thinking about you, give me a call huh?”

I decided I needed to respond in some way to that, I mean, he’s picking up SOME sort of vibe that I am ignoring him. And this WAS the seventh call. So with the help of my friend “The Hulk” [you like that ;-)] I came up with a text message reply:

“Kevin. I got your messages, you don’t need to call anymore. I admire your effort, but it’s not going to happen.”

Short and to the point. I thought it was perfect. I needed to say something, but I also had to just cut him off. The Hulk stayed with me for a bit to see if Kevin replied but he did not…we thought we were in the clear…

[45 minutes later]
“Wow, tell me y please & I will.”

I give up. I owe him no answers and I don’t even know what he expects me to say to him. Maybe something like this: Hey, Kev…why? Well, thought you’d get the hint by now. Really? 7 calls. You sweat a lot when we were talking. And your fingernails are too long. You seem a bit too old for me and your voicemails were lame. You don’t seem to have appropriate social etiquette and quite frankly I think you are a stalker.

I didn’t really send that – I just ignored his text back. And I have not heard from him yet, its been 4 days. I don’t yet feel like I am in the clear though, he’s gone four days before. We'll see.

But kids, please learn from my mistake of 2008. Don’t give your real number out to strange men that yell at you from their car window. The likelihood of them being normal is just not very high.


Michi said...

What a freak...so funny that he asked you why. I think you're doing the right thing by ignoring him...he's a strange one.

Barry said...

Just to be sure. Didn't Noah in "the Notebook" do some stalking to get his girl? Every girl I know thought that was the most romantically awesome movie ever.

Does he get away with stalking because he's easier to look at than most stalkers? Or was his stalking just not stalking?

Maybe guys watch too many movies.

erika said...

Or you can give out an e-mail address. If he starts stalking you by sending too many e-mails mark him as spam!

charissa said...

HAHA. i am laughing at e's comment. and her love for giving out email ;).

Jus said...

I agree with Barry. Didn't you write a blog about how if you like the guy then no matter how much he contacts you, it isn't stalking; but if you don't like him, then anything counts as stalking?

Charlie said...

Long time reader...first time comment here (yeah yeah I know.....)

If you are really bold, you could text him the address of your blog and say "go here to find out y"....

Then if he posts, you will need to note his IP as a spambot or whatever them things are called:))

Lindsey said...

I think Charlie's comment is hilarious. He would definitely get the hint then.

Olivia McCain said...

i hated the notebook too!

lizzo said...

wise words, dear roommate ;)

to barry and justin, a reminder: the difference between a stalker and guy who is sweet and thoughtful is one thing: whether or not you like him.

Suzanne said...

i was cracking up reading this post.. you KNOW what to never do again