OK, I have been told that this belief is just me and that I am being melodramatic – but I am going to share it anyway…

I am not a fan of the word “sis” or “sister” when being referred to. I don’t care if you are a Christian, really friendly, harmless or think you are too old for me – DON’T call me “sis” unless you are COMPLETELY sure there is no way you would ever want to pursue something romantically with me. Because that word is a big red flag that you have no interest in me AT ALL and never will. Sister? Really? It is kind of like a subtle way of letting me know that the thought of being with me is kind of comparable to incest for you.

I’ll admit, I am a bit overreacting – but I really don’t like that word and if a guy calls me “sister” I pretty much write him off and assume he is not interested in me at all. Because if nothing else, I think he is too evangelical for me.

Anyone else? Just me?


rheimbro said...

I too prefer not to be called sis or sister. I am however a guy, so I am not sure it is quite the same thing.

Olivia McCain said...

i don't like being called 'sis' either. it almost sounds degrading to me.
question - why do you think of evangelicals when you think of the word sis? is that a common term used at some churches???

Michi said...

"I think he is too evangelical for me."

Haha! I don't get the reference, but I want to use that someday.

I don't think I've ever been called sis by a guy other then my brother. That would be weird.

Dodi said...

hate it. don't call me sister.
i mean, a girl can, because to me it's like another word for "friend". but i HATE when a guy does. it's just weird.

B-W said...

I'll certainly confess that I've never really thought of this question in terms of romantic relationships, but I've never cared much for being called variations on "brother," either.

Of course, the reason I've never made the "romantic" connection is probably because most of the perpetrators are still male.

How do you feel when/if a woman calls you "sister"? Or does it just not happen all that much?

Anonymous said...

here's why i have to be ok with being called sister sometimes: cuz i do the same thing. i call guys brother partially to let them know that we're just friends. it's safe. it lets them know that i'm not trying to hit on them. so i have to be willing to accept it from the other side. maybe its the shortened form of a dtr.

you can still call me sister... it just means you better act like my brother and have my back. i'll act like your sister and tell all your crushes about you.


S. said...

Never thought about it; but now that you mentioned it!

Call me sister, Misters. I DARE YOU!

Yeti said...

I guess I more equate it with churches from the South - maybe it is because I am in seminary...boys in seminary say that to me all the time.

B-W, I don't believe I would mind it if a woman called me sister.

In fact, I don't MIND if people call me sister - what I mind is if I feel like I missed the point of our DTR (as jk puts it) that we established no possibility of romantic connection in the future.

JK proved my point exactly, it is used to make a point about where you stand in a platonic relationship.

Dating Without Pants said...

Agree with rheimbro. On a serious note though, I don't care if I'm called bro ... but if I was a chick sis would be kind of weird. Bro just means something different now.

EmmA...er...Pamela said...

i was juuuuuuuuust thinking about this yesterday. seriously.

Chuck said...


But, you can't call me "Bro". That is another issue all together.