Keyword Search

I thought I would share with you all a bit of the enjoyment I have been having. It is true, I have a statcounter on my blog. Some people think this is freaky - I simply think it feeds my narcissistic nature and gives me some interesting statistics to read.

For example, here are a list of some of the recent "keywords" people have put into google and ended up hitting my blog:

Eharmony church
Noncommittal makeout
Yeti dragon
Bunk beds
Why don’t I have a boyfriend (x8097230 - this means a lot of people search this)
I love you first
Neckline chest hair
Quotes on wedgies
Don’t be creepy
Didn’t say I love you back
John Abraham vs. wentworth miller
Poem about being a young life leader
PDA in church
Huge boobs
Stories about older brothers friend dating little sister
Why the yeti is real
Unattainable crush
Nibble his earlobe for hours and hours
Walking wedgies
Choose to permanently close communication
Are you still mad at me letters?
Best facebook messages to say I love you
Birthday wedgies attack girls
Bold moves to ask a guy out
Get guys to hug you
Girls say I’m creepy
Goalie rule dating score girlfriend.
How to hug a girl legit
Maybe someday we can be friends.
What does it mean when your guy doesn’t say I love you
Ideas for sexual favors
Should you date someone who has cheated in the past?
Toes & e-cards
Chest hair and v-neck
Why men withdraw
Pick up lines for doctor’s office.
Should men use hair gel


Olivia McCain said...

this is hilarious: Girls say I’m creepy


Rebecca said...

Now I think you need to write a blog entry on each of those searches because lets be honest, they made me curious!

B-W said...

I use statcounter, too. But I think it's safe to say that the keywords one uses to reach my blog aren't as interesting as yours....

Julie said...

I once had someone type in the name of a stripclub and got to my blog. At some point I must have referenced it somewhere. :)