Boys with girlfriends part II

OK, I know that yesterday’s video was kind of a joke, but in all seriousness – kind of the story of my life.

What is it with girls? Why do we hang around unavailable men? I think there is some part of our brain that thinks if we feel such a romantic or intimate connection with them then EVENTUALLY they will have to come around and see why we would be better for them than their girlfriend. And so we torture ourselves – and we wait around – and we allow ourselves to be lead on by the promise of nothing.

Then on the other hand there are those guys that are so easy to connect with on such a deep level yet we are not attracted to them romantically. How do you explain that one? Maybe we should just convince ourselves to go for it – we seem so perfect for each other in every other way.

But seriously, I think Meiko is right, I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends.


Michi said...

I think its the thrill (and the safeness) of the unattainable.

Yeti said...

really good point michi...the safeness of the unattainable.