Boys with girlfriends

You've heard women say "always a bridesmaid never a bride" well...I'm the "always the best friend never the girlfriend" type of girl.

Thanks, Meiko for writing a song about the best friends...we know better


The Gigglepuss said...

I've always said, always the groomsman, never the bride.

It's exhausting.

I Run in Heels said...

Sing it, Meiko, sing it!

konigsmark said...

Your time is coming, but I am sorry you are trapped in the best friend category. At least you don't have a bad hair cut.

Mav @ This Front Porch said...

sigh...I've decided I'm done settling for second string when I am SO first string material!

Check out my recent post: http://www.thisfrontporch.com/2009/01/hes-just-not-that-into-you/

Robin said...

I heart Meiko. And I heart you.