Making an effort with the barista

So I ditch the dreads for the espresso...this much we know [this is no hard choice, I am a coffee addict]. The barista put fourth a certain amount of effort in engaging me in witty banter and extending an invitation to a screening he was having the very next day. I decided the ball was in my court to show my interest and put fourth some effort.

I had given him my information so he emailed me with the details regarding the screening. I conned my good friend Robin into being my wingman for the night (bless you Robin, I still owe you for this one!).

We headed to North Hollywood for a screening of what looked to be a very....interesting(?) short. Little did we know what we were in for.

Let me start by sharing with you one of the films we had to sit through that evening. Two words for you, my loyal readers, "Orange Peel". I don't think I could ever do justice to describing this film to you. Or as Robin put it "it's hard to put into words the painful mix of awkwardness and trying to hold our shit together so we didn't offend all of those hardwork artist-types." But let me see if I can just run off a few of the emotions I was experiencing/thinking while watching it: awkward, uncomfortable, confused, offended, frustrated, weird, what the hell, can I leave?, nervous laughter, this is in no way helping people in this situation...

I am not willing to actually put the video up here - I don't believe I can find it in its entirety online anyway. But you can find snipets of it at the above link or here. But, really, think twice before watching.

No words.

And the worst part of this whole situation Robin and I found ourselves in was that the writer/director/producer/illustrator/EVERYTHING for this short was sitting directly behind us as it screened. We had to keep ourselves completely contained. Which was IMPOSSIBLE.

I am happy to report that Espresso's short was far and beyond the BEST one there. After the screening I felt awkward talking to him becuase of what I had been forced to watch, but then found solace in being able to say "Thank God your short was not "Orange Peel," I would never have been able to speak to you again!"

Point of the story: Make sure you know what other films are screening with yours at an event before you invite a girl your interested in to attend.

**Disclaimer: I have a great respect for the time, talent and dedication it takes to make short films. Although I realize I am being completely harsh of this film, I truly mean no disrespect. I am simply using what little critical judgement I possess to share my opinion. I believe there may be some who can understand it in a way I am uncapable of - and to them I hope it brought great fulfillment. But...the filmmakers I know - kicked the asses of every film there that night.


Clj said...

There have been18 views on that clip, I'm pretty sure they are family members and yourblog fans.

John said...

oooh, quite awkward. Did barista boy know what orange peel was about, or was he in the dark too? Cuz if he knew and still took you and made you sit through it....ehhh, I'm thinking that's not good.
Like you really need advice from your blogfans!

Dating Without Pants said...

Orange you glad that ...

Ahhhhhh forget it :)

Jami said...

Classic! I'd wager to bet that 30% of filmmakers out there are in it just to see how far they can go. I used to date a filmmaker... Let's just say, people were always a little shocked/disgusted/offended by his work, and that made him the happiest little clam.

The clips kind of remind me of that video "Take On Me" from the 80s, but that may be because I have no speakers. I will certainly come back to this and have a listen when I get home.

Yeti said...

Jami...i bet you are right. but...really? really? i am just (once again) glad that orange peel was NOT his film.