A gift for getting rid of them

So, I got some mixed reviews from my "date I got on a date." One comment I got (*cough* DWP *cough*) was that this guy must not have been into it and it must have been a really bad date. Well, loyal readers, let me set you straight. Just because I have a gift for getting rid of them doesn't mean they pick up on the signals indicating the horridness of the date...

The following is the message I received that evening when I got home:

It was good to meet you and I enjoyed learning about your passions and interests. I had wanted to see if you would like to meet up again sometime when we left, but your beauty got me all tongue tied and I wasn't able to say what I had wanted to say.
I hope you had fun going all the places you were going in Hollywood. It would be fun to see you again and I hope you have a joyous week.

See? I just have a gift. Maybe boys also need to learn a little more about picking up on signals. 

**More to come on what happened with the barista**


Anonymous said...

Dreads huh? It was fun catching up on a week of the Yeti's life. Now to catch up on Andy and DWP!

John said...

See, your beauty just wigged him out. If he was really all that enamored of your beauty, he wouldn't be tongue tied, he would have said something.
Would you really want to be with someone who wasn't able to tell you you're beautiful?
Ugh...dreads, that was his sign off name or are you protecting the dude?
You may suffer in the dating game, but it sure does provide great entertainment for the rest of us!

konigsmark said...

Touche... I loved that you posted the comments on your blog. You're all that and a bag of chips with ranch dressing.

Dodi said...

I'm glad you're writing about dates again.
This is the good stuff.

Andy- chips and ranch? gross. and don't act like you eat chips.

Yeti said...

Dreads was just the name I gave him...nothing he came up with. But I am betting you can guess how I came up with it...now that part WAS cool.

Dating Without Pants said...

Hahahaha, this guy is a Class A dolt. Screw rose colored glasses, he probably has rose colored corneas. Fantastically played Yeti.