What if you are on eharmony and you get hooked up with a celebrity's ex husband whose been on dr. keith to talk about the divorce?

I have a friend that is on eHarmony (who isn’t, let’s be honest). She was matched with this real attractive man, 90210, that seemed pretty great and actually looked vaguely familiar. She exchanged questions with him and made it to open communication. They grabbed a meal together and all things considered had a pretty enjoyable time. She knew from his profile that he was divorced, but was still willing to feel things out because he seemed like a pretty neat guy and was funny [funny is key].

She was comparing profiles with a good friend of hers and when 90210’s came up her friend squealed “I KNOW HIM!” She had apparently met him at the church she attends [bonus points for him that he actually attends church].

Turns out, the reason he looked so familiar to her and why her friend had seem him at church before was because he was married to someone famous. She is a name ALL of you would recognize, I'm not going to actually tell you her name, but it rhymes with Sori Telling.

After finding out who he was (and who he was married to) she looked him up online: google, youtube, everything else imaginable. The problem is, she actually found him on all these things, including a clip on Dr. Keith – I am not kidding. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

I guess this is why you don’t marry celebrities – or maybe why you google people before you go out with them [don’t lie, you know you all do it].


Ipp said...

Where is the link to Dr. Keith?

Rule 94: One cannot Google a significant interest until the 4th date.

The pre-Google throws everyone off, trust me.

charissa said...

i am not on eharm. but that is because i have no $$$. does anyone want to sponsor me? thanks.

konigsmark said...

Recently, I interviewed for a job and the pastor said, "So I looked at your Myspace account..." End of interview, end of Myspace, and so long to my E-Harmony account.

DanP said...

Not sure what is worse: getting matched with a celebrity's ex-husband, or one's own ex-husband! This happened to my friend recently on eHarmony and I now seriously doubt that the "compatibility" is determined by much more than geography.

Searching for the Yeti said...

Dan...that is UNREAL!!! And waaaaay worse than getting connected to a celeb's ex. wow. wow.