Don't call me baby

So, I went salsa dancing again the other weekend (I know, I know, I am so unpredictable!). I saw my DJ friend who tried once again to woo me with his great pick-up lines. I think he had downed a couple beers because he was extra flirty, even more than usual. His parents were there that evening so his dad as working the DJ table which freed him up to lounge with Erika and me at our table. [thank God, right?]

Let’s see if I can relay some of my favorite quotes from the evening [and I apologize that I do not know how to insert voice clips in here because my impersonation of this guy is UNCANNY]:

Lonely: Baby, come on and sit here closer to me [pats his hand on the couch next to him and winks].

Lonely: Baby, you so sexy, I just love the way you dance [um…note to reader: I dance like a little white girl]

Lonely: Baby you smell so good. What is that?
Yeti: I don’t really know. I don’t wear any special perfume or anything.
Lonely: Maybe it is your sweat.

Lonely: I was talking to your friend and I told her I would bring my brother here next week.
Yeti: Really? Is your brother a nice guy?
Lonely: Yeah, I think they would really get along great. I told her I would hook her up with my brother if she hooked me up with her friend [wink]
Yeti: Ha…Ha…Ha…

Lonely: Baby, why don’t you ever call me back when I call you?
Yeti: um…you didn’t leave a message, I didn’t think it was important
[note to reader: the REASON he has my number is because he is the one I have to text in order to get on the guest list for free entry to salsa…please, I am a poor graduate student, you really think I am going to pay every week??]

And, yes, he really did call me baby that many times [and probably even more] – I definitely hate that word now.


Olivia McCain said...

ok, next time he has you trapped in the dance bar like that, calling you baby left and right - please, please, please have your girlfriend walk up to the two of you and say "No one puts Baby in the corner."


Olivia McCain said...

my punctuation in that last comment is out of control.

Ipp said...

The real question is: how good of a kisser is he?

charissa said...

note to author: thing is, you do not have a booty of a little white girl, therefore your dance...?


The Gigglepuss said...

awww baby, it could be worse!


john said...

Yeah, but were you wearing your "salsa shirt?" B/c that might have increased the number of "baby" remarks.

Searching for the Yeti said...

HAAH! good point, john.
...i don't THINK i was ;-)