A Mesh Confession

FACT: I have found something I detest even more than v-necks….

Mesh shirts.

If I can see your nipples through your shirt that is not OK.
I have never understood this concept –do you think this is sexy? Do you think we women like nipples as much as you men do?

At least this boy is sporting a nice cross...

They totally make you look stronger.

And who WOULDN'T want to go dancing with THAT?

Let me set the record straight. We enjoy the mystery a solid thick t-shirt provides, that's what we like.


James said...

This is just too funny after watching the "nipple chaffing" episode of the office last night. Wow. I don't get it. I did however think of you as I saw way too many v-necks in NYC because of the heat wave there.

...love Maegan said...

Those photos are HILARIOUS! I cannot stand mesh on men ...however, I like v-necks ...my husband looks hot in them :) but not tight ones. ewe.

Ipp said...

So... your saying I'm not getting ladies because I have a mesh shirt or because my nipples are hanging out?

sarahchristoph said...

Shirt- On or off!?! This look says "I'm undecided"... and Undecided about what...gender perhaps?

Searching for the Yeti said...

Sarah, HILARIOUS!! Perfect, absolutely perfect. You nailed it. :)

Searching for the Yeti said...

And John, please do not put me in such difficult and impossible situations...there are some life questions that just have NO answers.

john said...

Yeah, I figured it was a toughie, but I also figured that mesh and v-necks are pretty much a deal breaker regardless...I mean, kinda would have to be, yes?!

life girl said...

I am in full agreement.