The teller

The other day I was running an errand for a friend – this involved depositing a check in a bank which was not my own. I walked into the bank hoping this would not be an issue and thus a very short errand in my busy afternoon.

Having gathered the essential details regarding the transaction I approached the [young and quite attractive African-American] teller.

Yeti: I am really hoping you can help me with this
Teller: What do we have here?
Yeti: You see, I am not actually a member of your bank, but I need to make a deposit for someone else.
Teller: Well, I am sure I can help a pretty girl like you out [wink]
Yeti: [smile] Thank you.
Teller: Why is it YOU aren’t a member of this bank?
Yeti: Because I already have a bank?
Teller: That's a shame. With the all the financial crisis that is going on as of late are you sure they are going to take care of you and last for the long run? Because we are one of the strongest banks around today and a really good bank to be at.
Yeti: Really? Is the bank good to its employees as well?
Teller: Oh yes, I love working here. And if you joined this bank I would personally be sure to take good care of you [wink]
Yeti: Well, that’s very nice – but I think I will have to stick with my bank for just now. But I'll will be sure to let you know if I change my mind.
Teller: You do that. You’re deposit is all taken care of. You have a good day and come back and see me soon when you change your mind [wink].


john said...

Quick service at a bank, and with all those winks...why on earth would you not switch?!
Wonder if he gets points for trying to pick up a customer?
Your ability to attract such stories into your life amazes me.

B-W said...

I think I'll stick to doing all my deposits by ATM.

naphtali vail said...

It sounds like the teller perhaps has a neurological disorder which leads to excessive twitching.... I hope he see a doctor for it soon : )

Anonymous said...

whoa.... somebody let this guy know it IS possible to over-do the wink. like maybe even the first time he did it, it was too much.