So many expectations

It has been a while since I have shared a winner from eHarmony...let's have another shall we?

I had a boy once request communication with me and this is what he was looking for:

"I am looking for commonalities in background and values. Someone who is a a Evangelical Christian and conservative Republican. Grounded in faith, active in ministry, with a heart for evangelism. Open to teaching Sunday School, interested in short-term foreign missions. Strong convictions, believes in a real right and wrong, knows actions have consequences. Godly character, honest, industrious, tither. Wants to be a stay-at-home mom. Intelligent, curious and eager to learn, reads and asks questions. Isn't independent, but is inter-dependent, seeks counsel and recognizes that life is a team sport."

Umm, no thank you [and not just because of your grammar].


The Gigglepuss said...

hahahahaHAHAHA. that's awesome. at least he knows what he wants. you know he won't be settling! :)

Olivia McCain said...

"isn't independent"

????? WTF ???????????

Saturday Morning Mystic said...

Wow...and is she allowed to have a personality? Wow. talk about a specific woman.

sarah christoph said...

Ok, This is scarey! My ex quoted almost these exact words before he asked me out. Unfortunately, I was 17 and dumb and grew up in a home where my strong willed mother ruled the house and cut down my Dad, etc. I tend to be her polar opposite and thought his idea of a wife was the "godly" way to be and there would be no marrital problems in MY marriage if I just played the role. Um, it didn't work! And whats so funny is, recently he asked me to consider reconsiliation and told me that it was God's will for me to return to his family- even met with my Dad and a counselor without me to accomplish this Man to Man. I say all this to say that this man on E-harm is not representing a small number of men. He might as well have said, I want a girl with no opinion or life of her own who will be here to cook, clean, make my offspring and suck my ________. And what's in it for the lady? Just knowing she has the honor of washing my beloved socks- silently of course.

B-W said...

*sigh* I agree especially with john's post.

Aaron L said...

i forget that people like this still exist