I'm not creepy

“I’m really not creepy, I promise”
There are so many things wrong with this phrase. First, there’s whatever incident prompted you to have to say this.

Second, if you have to tell someone that you are not creepy…it probably means that you are. You aren’t convincing us anymore by telling us. That’s like saying “here kid, eat this candy.”

Don’t be creepy in the first place. If you’re getting yourself into situations where you have to convince people of your normalcy, there’s something wrong.


Olivia McCain said...

while living in L.A., a professor who attended my church started hitting on me a lot. he would call my cell phone in the middle of the night and weird stuff like that.

I nicknamed him Professor Creepypants.

he was a creep but the name is fun to say!

Mtty B said...

NOt that I support (or watch) this show at all, but saw this the other day. Very Apropos...