Awkward situation

#1: Sitting in a movie with a really intense and/or graphic sex scene with a guy or girl you like.

You both know you're thinking it.
This is ESPECIALLY awkward if you are on a first date.
**cough, cough
**adjust [squirm] in my seat (or try not to move at all)
**Stare straight ahead

[tension is building, neither pair knows what to say, guy racks his brain for any sort of witty statement to ease the pressure]
Boy: "I sure hope that car wash was heated otherwise this scene must have been awful to shoot."
Girl: "ha...ha...ha" [girl fake laughs at stupid comment to pretend she is not phased by the scene]


Eric J said...

ewwww!!! So awkward! But what kinda guy takes a girl out to a movie for a first date without finding out if there's a sex scene in it?? For shame on that gentleman. Now if only he'd put his arm around her shoulder during that scene...that would take the awkward to 11.

Olivia McCain said...

your friend "eric j" just got cool points in my book for sorta quoting Spinal Tap. :)

and seriously, he should have checked the type of movie before suggesting you go. or he should have put out. :)

Saturday Morning Mystic said...

Also, why are you doing a movie on the first date? Shouldn't you be talking?

Eric J said...

Well Olivia, you know what they say....

the looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand. Or so I have read...

Searching for the Yeti said...

oh nancy...i can only imagine your stories :) i've gotta get a few up here. always a joy to hear from you!!