Sometimes it pays to have that pretty face

I have asked a few of my girlfriends what free stuff they have gotten from flirting or just plain being beautiful...these are the responses I got. Please add some of your own:

a side of veggies
free entry to a club
got a fake nail repaired because of my "beautiful face"
free ride at the state fair
a flight to Cabo San Lucas [too bad it was to visit the guy offering it...she declined]
free sweet factory candy
free fries at Ricks
ball of yarn [the guys mother ran a yarn shop]
pair of earrings [he actually took them from his sister]
free ear buds from the apple store
a hand-sketched drawing of Jesus Christ
a tapestry
a pound of beef jerky

What have YOU gotten (or given...)?


Olivia McCain said...

I got a pair of earrings from a man I like to refer to as Professor Creepypants.

Karla can fill you in on that story. :)

Rebecca said...

A trip to Mexico City...unfortunately that too would have had some expectations attached from the male making the offer. Otherwise I would have jumped at the opportunity!

A friend of mine was also offered a laptop, in my opinion, because of her pretty face.

And a man tried to offer me camels in Egypt. However, I think he was trying to buy me :)

Yeti said...

Olivia...was this the same guy that gave you the autographed book?? WoWzers - liiiittle overwhelming.

Rebecca, Hiiiiilarious. The camel takes the cake!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, When a man in Egypt tried to buy my aunt from my dad with 40 camels, my dad agreed as a practical joke.

F.Y.I. this isn't something you joke about. They had to literally run to lose the guy.

To answer your original question, Yeti, I just got offered a steak dinner from a drunk guy who had just been kicked out of the restaurant.


Wendy said...

Whenever I would get a late night craving for something sweet or a coke, I would walk down to the ARCO. I could usually count on those guys giving me a really good discount on my purchase, along with several comments on my smile.

I’ve also gotten into movies for free when the guy at the ticket booth didn’t make me pay for my tickets.

S. said...

The best stuff (to me) is artsy. I've gotten drawings, poems, one guy even wrote me a song.

And drinks. Drinks are good.

(Drinks are artsy, right? If they're mixed?)

Anonymous said...

I once got a free hair cut, because I had "the most beautiful hair" the lady had ever seen. She then ruined the moment by saying she couldn't believe "such a beautiful head of hair was wasted on an 8-year old boy."

Olivia McCain said...

yeti - nope, Professor Creepypants is not the same guy who gave me the autographed book. The book guy, I like to refer to as Bob Saget.

trufi trekking said...

A poem/rose chocolates.

Cubs tickets...twice.

Work it girls.

konigsmark said...

We were at a bar one night and this older lady aka cougar... proceeded to get all of my friends drunk because she kept sending me drink after drink. Did I mention I don't?

Praise said...

Surf lessons! Everytime I get out in the water, some guy always offers to teach me! :) Whether they think I'm pretty or they just feel sorry for me, I don't care! I could always use tips!!!

This Front Porch said...

When I was Israel, I got a free necklace--the shop keeper told me I had the "face of an angel" and another time, I got a seriously discounted camel-leather belt--"for the one with hair like spun gold."