Just in: some new ways to market yourself

.…maybe I’ll make some t-shirts:

Finding someone to be with is not just about what you have to offer – it is just as much about HOW you put it out there and present what it is you are bringing to the table

Here are some ideas for you [all brought to you by my friend, Mark]:

I am an eligible, non-diseased bachelor.

Loving cougar is not a crime.

Gold digging is an honorable profession.

Anyone else have some good t-shirt’s…or online profile slogans?


Ipp said...

This would apply after you've taken a relationship to lock-it-up.com

"I (heart) my Japanese Boyfriend"


Yeti said...

um...wow...she ACTUALLY made a t-shirt.

Lindsey said...

How about confidence on a license plate: ICU LKN?

Shirts that google pointed me to:
I used to be Snow White...but I Drifted, I Gave My Word to Stop At Third,Cymbal and Ready to Mymbal, I'm Kind of a Big Deal.

Olivia McCain said...

quoting Phoeboe from Friends: "I'm Bendy"