The ability to navigate

Let us chat about another one of these age-old stereotypes between men and women. The first stereotype blog was about the way men and women communicate.

This next stereotype is the fact that men have a great sense of direction and women are clueless.

Typically men know how to get somewhere, they have the instinct to figure out how to navigate themselves. I actually know this to be true of a few male friends of mine – one we even call Hydroquest because we can call him from anywhere we are lost and he’ll be able to get us home. And even if they get lost they’ll figure it out all on their own eventually (this is why they refuse to stop and ask for directions).

Then there are women. We have no idea where the heck we are going. If you give us directions somewhere you have to give us overly-explicit explanations which include things like “you’ll see a Target on your left and on your right there is a big bush that looks like Elmo with a mailbox on the corner. If you reach the red bard you’ve gone too far.” And even with this we’ll end up calling you once we pass the red bard by a mile and a half trying to figure out where we are.

I think this is one of the more false stereotypes – because let me just say I have been in the car with some REALLY clueless guys who to this day would not be home if it weren’t for me being in the car with them.


mike said...

True, there are always those that break the mold. No stereotype is 100%...but still, there's a reason it's a stereotype. ;)

B-W said...

You hit upon this in the end, but my impression of the stereotype wasn't that guys HAD good navigation instincts, but simply that, no matter how confused we may get, we refuse to ask for directions. It's not because we can eventually figure it out, it's because we're stubborn!

But that's a rather different stereotype, so perhaps I should wait for your next post. ;)

S. said...

Thank you GPS!!!

I get lost all the time, GPS has helped me out a lot but it still has to redirect me because I'm too preoccupied with singing at the top of my lungs or scrolling through my iPod looking for a song so I can sing at the top of my lungs to listen to the directions that it's giving me....

Yeti said...

Mike I guess you have a point...I did get my dad lost for a whole day in Nepal because I SWORE things were starting to look familiar :)

B-W, that would make another good blog...we'll have to touch on that soon.

hopefbplayer said...

Men lets all be honest with each other....we dont ask for directions because we are to dumb and stubborn too. haha We have a need to impress!