I'm not your mother

There are times I doubt I possess any sort of maternal instincts (or whatever it is I am supposed to have to make me a good mom someday). But then something like this weekend happens and I think…well…I guess I can’t be THAT far off:

I am walking through Target picking up a few toiletry items I was running low on when I heard a young voice coming from behind me.

When I turned around I realized a little boy was chasing me yelling:

Boy: Look daddy, there’s mommy!
Father: Where buddy?
Boy: Right theeeeeere!! [pointing at me]
Father: Oh, no, bud. That’s not her. [father picks son up]
Boy: Yes it is, I KNOW it [Boy faces me and starts yelling again] Mommy, mommy!

Um…actually, kid, your dad was right. I….don’t….really….know what to do. But the good news is that I apparently look like the kind of person that could be someone’s wife and mother. There’s hope after all.


Rebecca said...

Thats HILARIOUS! Apparently Daddy should take his son in to get his eyes checked, he seemed quite convinced.

Either that, or maybe it was some kind of weird pick up line/routine...

Olivia McCain said...

that's kinda sad, for the boy. but i would rather the story be that a small boy mistook you for his mother instead of a 20 something year old man/date who looked to you to be his mother.

there is nothing more unattractive than a grown man looking to his girlfriend to his mother-figure. ugh.

Eric Jessen said...

I was SO hoping this story ended in a skeevy pickup line. Arg!!

B-W said...

The sad thing is, the minute I read this story, I'm thinking "I wonder if this kid gets to SEE his mother all that often, for it to be POSSIBLE for him to mistake you for her...".

I mean, I know nothing else about that family, but it's the first thought that pops into my head.

Anonymous said...

well there's also olfactory recognition, so maybe the kid IS blind and you just use the perfume same laundry detergent as his mom.

jk. (no really)

Griz said...

That was really funny. I honestly thought you were going to say this guy put this little boy up to it. Maybe his mommy also has a nose piercing?

S. said...

How awkward.

konigsmark said...

that's going to be my child.

Yeti said...

JK...i like your theory :)