Why Men Withdraw

Apparently the key to a healthy relationship is creating attraction [a.k.a. sexual tension]

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Then maybe he'll button his shirt back up and get rid of the hideous necklace he bought in Hawaii.

**Update: to read an actual post on this go here


Olivia McCain said...

he kind of looks spaced out/stoned.

and a bit gay. maybe he's withdrawing because he bats for the other team.

either way she should leave him for the unbuttoned shirt and necklace. she can do better than that!

john page said...

body language says that they don't really like each other.
And what is he looking at? Another girl? She doesn't look pleased.
the necklace...oh, so much could be said about that piece of "jewelry," but oh so little space.

danielle said...

These ads make me want to take my own life.