The Planet Panel

Going along with the “should” blog…let’s talk more about the standards [some] women have to live up to…both seen an unseen. This post is inspired by a post on Michi’s blog which you can find here. Maxim came out [not so] recently with their top five unsexiest women on the planet. Seriously? The PLANET?!? Who did we get to sit on this panel? Who gets to be this judge and how did they get to be so high and mighty? And I seem to remember hearing something about beauty being in the eye of the beholder once? Aren’t we all going to have different tastes and opinions?

You can check the list with a little commentary on why here.

5. Brittany Spears
4. Madonna
3. Sandra Oh
2. Amy Winehouse
And the number one unsexiest woman alive.....
1. Sarah Jessica Parker - What???

OK, I have serious issues with a lot of these [and the ones I don’t have issues with I just won’t go into]. But…doesn’t “sexy” embody more then just physical appearance? Sure these women have had their moments of struggle and less then idea circumstances – but is a list like this really necessary? And maybe some of this just stems from the fact that I really really love "Sex and the City" :-)

Sometimes it pays to be a nobody…no one’s putting your name on a list.

[And just in case you are interested in what guys made the list, for some reason they were a top 11, you can find that here]


Olivia McCain said...

i think SJP is pretty. she has an INCREDIBLE body, pretty hair and she wears really cool clothes.

And she's married to Ferris Bueller!

i guess i don't understand why people think she's not pretty. is it cause of her mole?

Michi said...

She has a longish face and nose...but I think it all comes together nicely.

And yeah, her body is so toned. And she can make almost any outfit work.

Eric said...

SJP is an interesting one, because only like 5% of men actually find her sexy, but 100% of women do and will get very defensive if that other 95% insinuate that she may not be as hot as liquid magma.

Maybe if we understood why more women think SJP is sexy than men, we would finally understand the difference between the sexes.

lizzo said...

neither my mom nor i think that sjp is sexy, so that brings down the percent to 99.9999% of women at most. :)