Los Robles Man

I am exhausted. It has been a draining week. Class demands are building up and the recent lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. I leave work on Wednesday afternoon and begin my usual walk home. [Del Mar is beautiful this time of year – the purple-blossomed trees in full bloom] As I head down Los Robles Martina McBride’s “Broken Wing” came on and I just couldn’t help but sing along. It was like my own private karaoke. Right in the middle of the chorus I hear someone holler. There is an attractive black man leaning out his car window trying to talk to me. I hesitantly pull my earphones out of my ears [hey…at least he didn’t honk his horn].

Los Robles: Hey, could I pull my car over and introduce myself to you?
Me: Hahahahaha [nervous laughter] what?
Los Robles: If I pulled my car over would you let me introduce myself to you?
Me: Ok…sure.

I watch Mr. Holler pull his car over and get out to chat with me. He’s not bad looking – not bad looking at all. His name is Kevin and he thought I was beautiful and decided he had to pull an illegal U-turn to come and talk to me. How do you say no to that?

I gave him my number. He said he would call me so we could grab drinks…maybe there will be a Los Robles Man Part II?


Olivia McCain said...

get out! that's amazing! you have so many random guys on the street hit on you!! it must be your sexual magnatism. ;)

Jus said...


It did make me think about one of your previous posts, though ... would such a thing ever happen to a guy walking down the street, with a girl pulling her car over?

Doubtful, I think. Maybe the fact that women are the fairer sex imbalances societal attitudes. Maybe ...

Jus said...

(1) Depends on the guy.
(2) Most guys would definitely be taken aback.
(3) They might act shocked at this reversal of societal norms.
(4) But secretly they would love it.
(5) I'd probably blush.
(6) Which is normally hard to tell, coz I ain't white.

charissa said...

your ass? maybe. i'd vote your ta-tas, yes? ;)

danielle said...

You tell Los Robles to grab a Fair Oaks and the four of us will get a drink.