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“I don’t understand why you don’t have a boyfriend, you have the greatest personality.” – Said by some guy to a female friend of mine.

“The thing is she is really emotionally unavailable. That’s probably part of the draw. Guys love the challenge.” -Female Friend
“She’s a slippery fish!” -Female Friend

“I mean, he’s turn your head hot. But then you know him and he’s not as sexy.” - Female Friend

“He’s like a stud that isn’t a stud.” - Female Friend

Yeti: He’s evolved, from a baby turtle to a….hmmm
Female Friend: Does he have to be an animal still?
Yeti: No, I don’t think so
Female Friend: Then I think he is a Prius
Yeti: Yeah, he’s evolved from cute like a baby turtle to a Prius.

“I wish I wanted to make babies with you but I don’t”- Said by a female in conversation with friends about a boy
“Maybe we can keep praying 'God, make him more attractive'” - Yeti

“You’re going out with some of Fuller’s finest tonight. Not some of the finest gentlemen, but finest looking" – Female Friend

“Don’t you find sometimes that when you talk about things you like that you just want to marry yourself? Cause you list these things you really like and you are all of them.” – Tiffany

“Someday you’ll meet a guy with balls” – Buhjuh


charissa said...

HAH. i wish i was there for the babyturtle conversation.

Barry said...

"That was awkward." Hamboner