Let me update you on the Los Robles Man [if you don't know what I am talking about or need to know how on earth a random man on my street got my phone number, please read here].

He calls on Thursday evening. I didn't pick up because it was a number I didn't recognize and I screen all my calls. The most unoriginal and boring message I have ever heard. In the midst of deciding whether I should call back or not...I don't.

He calls again [remember, I have not called back] on Saturday morning. Props to him. I do not answer because I am out for a walk with my roommate grabbing Starbucks Coffee [sorry, Scott, they don't have a Meg's here, otherwise I would be drinking that EVERYDAY!] When I get back I listen to the message and it is pretty much just as boring as the first one. I don't really know WHAT I expect him to say, but I guess since he was the guy that pulled an illegal U-turn in the middle of the street I thought he might come up with someone better than "we met yesterday, feel free to give me a call" or "give me a call on this beautiful day". Hmmm. I don't call back.

He calls again Wednesday [still haven't called or seen or texted or sent him smoke signals]. I don't pick up because I am at work. OK, now I don't know whether to give him props or start shooting myself in the foot for having given my number to a persistent psycho. Same stupid message "it's such a beautiful day, but what would make it that much more beautiful for me is if I hear back from YOU." OK, little better than the other two but still trying-too-hard-smooth-guy cheesy [am I hard to please?].

The idea of going out with the guy neither excites nor freaks me out. I am rather indifferent. But I can't decide whether I want to waste an hour on what might be meeting up with a psycho or might be pleasant conversation - it is such a gamble.

And so I ask you...

I don't need any real fatherly advice here, I understand the whole "you don't owe him anything" stuff - but I can't really go back in time and take back my real phone number [unless one of you knows how to do this - if so please email me]. So, pressing ahead...let's see how many of you can come up with a brilliant plan for me!


Olivia McCain said...

ignore him. any communication you have with him will just egg him on.

and be more cautious about handing out your number, in the future. if a random guy asks for your number, say on the street, why don't you say "how about i get your number, instead?". then you have control over the situation.

only give your number out to guys you are for sure interested in.

Barry said...

The only real option is send him hints... then have your calls from him forwarded to my cell. I will talk to him in my sexy swedish woman accent which he will know is not you, but will not be able to resist. I will tell him that he should meet new mystery girl at a coffee shop, then have chris the swede show up wearing a wig.
When the date happens you will also happen to walk in with some friends and catch him cheating on you with our staged date. You will act devastated and run out. Your friends that are with you (probably huge muscular men like myself) will step to this homey and tell him that he should never call you again.

works every time.

danielle said...

Giving your number to a stranger is no different than giving your number to someone you have convinced yourself you know-"knowing" someone is all an illusion...trust me.

Don't be more cautious about who you give your number to for crying out loud. Its just a dang number. And so what if he calls you a gazillion times. Just ignore him a gazillion times or thank the universe for endless blog material.

Is there a way to post the audio of his voicemail on to your blog? WOULDN'T THAT BE AWESOME???

Now if you were giving out your address, social security number and recent bank statements then I'd be a little concerned.

About what to do next? My advice: You're thinking about it too much. You're not marrying the guy, just maybe hanging out for a minute. But if you have no desire to do hang out with him for whatever reason, don't! Like I said before, if he truly is a psycho, he's gonna keep calling you whether you tell him to stop or not. I'd say ignore the calls. He'll get the point eventually.

But seriously, you should make it a double date...call me!