write me a song

I think that the most romantic thing a guy could ever do for you is to write you a song. [or a song about you] But you can't ever tell a guy that cause that makes you sound pretty self-centered: "hey, i think i'm pretty neat so i think you should write a song all about how awesome you think i am and how i make your stomach feel like it's all tied up in knots....and if that's NOT how you feel about me, we should probably break up!"

anyway. thought i'd throw that up here to help other girls out. and then nonchalantly point my blog out to some guy and be like "oh, i totally forgot what i posted on october 15th, 2010...could you remind me?"

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John said...

That might do the trick, or it could lead to a guy with a boombox over his head in your front yard blaring "In Your Eyes" in the middle of the night....or not.