A friend of mine brought my attention to the following craigslist ad [craigslist has the BEST ADS!!]:

Nanny plus needed to perform basic motherly and wifely duties for young father and his 9 year old daughter :)

Must be single (no issues), nice looking and in good shape to keep up with hiking, camping etc....

Must be willing to join me and my daughter at Disneyland, movies, dinners out etc....

Must have transportation and live within 10 miles of Los Angeles county.

Please send current photo with short resume.

Thank you for your interest :)


um....brad....that's creepy. Either look for a nanny or look for a girlfriend - but this is one area where it's not considered efficient to kill two birds with one stone.

Seriously an ad. I'm not kidding. He's willing to pay $10. Look here.

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Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

I'm wondering what the "wifely duties" might be that he's looking for...