Another high school friend of mine got married.
My roommate just got engaged
And even more friends of mine are talking about marriage. [trust me, i really like that they talk to me about it....i'm not jealous]
Three more high school friends are pregnant.
And one I just reconnected with has had THREE children already.

So, I think it's time to set some high and lofty goals for myself.

1. find a guy with a beard.
2. go on a date.

baby steps people.


John said...

What about all those guys with beards who honk at you when you walk down the street? Has that stopped? I mean...they're right there!

He's gotta have a beard? I can see guys putting down their razors even now, once they read your post.

Yeti said...

you think i am way more popular than i am, john. i am sure it is quite the contrary.

Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

I heart beards.