The funny things people say

I have a could funny quotes to share with you - that also make me slightly concerned about the depth and topic of conversations I have with people in my life:

Yeti: "we're going to fight a lot when we get married when we're 40 and both still single."
Boy: "I know. Our biggest fight will probably be where we are living. I wonder if a long distance marriage will work. I bet we could just do skype sex and weekend rendezvous."

Yeti: "even Spider thinks you should get a facebook to join the community."
Bee: "I'm glad for Spider. Still not sure I would call it community. That was a stretch for me. Facebook can't watch my kids or drink a beer with me while I watch a game or visit me in prison or at the hospital. ;). Although, I'm sure ole Zuckerman will appreciate one more soul in his cache!"

Yeti: Are you listening to that link I sent you yet? I am falling in love with this man. There are just TOO MANY GOOD ARTISTS! I am going to go poor buying music. And going to concerts. And my heart is going to run out of love for bearded men. Not really. My heart has an unlimited supply of love for bearded men.

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blackfoot said...

'My hear has an unlimited supply of love for bearded men.'

mine too. bring it on winter!