i think i'm becoming cool. i've always been the girl that's in bed before 10 because, well, i like sleep. and i get cranky.
but this week. i've been a party animal.
i went camping with the girls on friday in san luis obisbo. gorgeous.
i went to a gaelic storm concert on saturday night with an awesome girlfriend. bagpipes are good for my soul.
i watched football all day sunday.
i went to a mumford and sons concert on monday night and didn't even throw myself at them. restraint? yes, thank you.
and then i went to the king charles concert at the viper room on tuesday night. becuase he is awesome and has gorgeous hair and i don't even mind his mustache.

now i am going to go slip into a coma. becuase this weekend the landladies are having a halloween paaaaaarty. what to dress up as.....what to dress up as.....

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