I have had to add word verification to my blog. Although not COMPLETELY annoying, it is kind of tedious to have to figure out what those ghostly letters are and then copy them into the box below. I get rather annoyed having to do it on every blog I want to comment on.

But here's the deal. I feel super popular when I get about 39 comments a day all coming through my inbox for me to approve. But then I get immediately sad when NOT EVEN ONE of those comments is real. They all want to tell me about where to get a great pizza or find a good magic show. Ridiculous.

So, in an effort to both cut down on spam and boost my self esteem - I am going to make all of you real people out there type letters. It should really only effect one or two of you [sorry mom].


John said...

Well, maybe now you will approve my comments. I've commented a few times on past posts in the last few weeks and they never show up. So, are you dissing me, or just don't like my comments?

Yeti said...

are you SERIOUS? i would never reject a comment from YOU!!

NicodemusLegend said...

Word verification wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't that so many of the "words" aren't human-readable.

Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

I love word verification. They make me laugh. Want to get pizza some time? :)