Bike Helmets

I don't get hit on as much anymore these days. I think I have figured out why. I bike to work now.

Apparently it is either hard to catch me (cause, you know, I'm so FAST on my bike)!

...or the more likely reason....bike helmets are just apparently not all that attractive. I think it is really hard for the male mind to picture what the female under a helmet COULD look like. So they just don't trouble their mind to figure out if they're hot or not. The helmet is too much of a distraction.

I like biking to work.


blackfoot said...

a while ago i was introduced to a friend of a friend who rode her bike to the bar then continued the wear her helmet INTO the bar and while she spoke to the bartender, etc.

i've seen her since then and always classify her as the bike helmet chick.

my point? pretty sure no one hit on her that night.

Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

We bike all over the crazy city of Montpellier, and I don't wear a helmet, for the very aspect of how hideous it is. I really need to start b/c my biking skills are not all that amazing! Good for you.

P.S. Where are you working these days?


Jennifer said...

I was staunchly anti-helmet (because at the time I was also very anti-dork-appearing) but then I had a nasty spill on a trail and now I consider helmets totally chic!

...then I was recently on a ride in East LA and the group leader was going over rules of biking...he mentioned that only people 18 and under had to wear a helmet and looked right at me. What?! I'm cool. I'm over 30 and rockin' the helmet!

And hey if it cuts down on the stop-light professions of undying love and marriage proposals, I'm ALL over it :)