Turning left

I was riding my bike home after work being a very responsible citizen, abiding by the rules of the rode and even using by hand signals:

I was about to turn LEFT (so I looked much like the above picture....except not a male)

A car that was coming the opposite direction (that I was waiting for before I turned into my neighborhood) put their hand out the window right before they passed me and gave me a HIGH FIVE!

Hilarious. And bizarre.

Luckily I am so coordinated it did not knock me off my bike!


blackfoot said...

awesome. if there's anything we need more of in this world, its high 5's.

lizzo said...

that is awesome.

John said...

You are quite the biker if you can get high-fived and not fall off. You biker-chick, you!

my word verif was conesi...perhaps a new language could sprout from just word verif!