For some reason the other night I got really stressed because I felt like EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD IS MARRIED OR GETTING MARRIED!! I woke up like really concerned about it. So I made a list of all of my friends that are still single (like, REALLY single, not even dating anyone) - and the good news is that I came up with a little over 50. I am pretty sure I could have come up with more if I had really tried to think about it - but I didn't want to depress myself just in case it became really hard.

I even included previous boyfriends who have OBVIOUSLY not been lucky enough to find someone as great as me to settle down with ever since we broke up.

So, I feel much better now. Apparently the ENTIRE world is not married....just most of it.

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John said...

50 not married...narrows the field for you...if any of those 50 are even "in the field" for you....right?