Worst april fools ideas ever

Allow me to help you all out a bit...if you are thinking about pulling an april fools joke on your loved one - may it not be one of these dumb ideas:

i want to send her an email on april fools saying that my coworkers are having a happy hour (which they are) and they all refuse to now go since i am not going, so i have to cancel going on a first date.
im hoping ill get an email back saying OH NO. lets reschedule, bla bla bla, and then ill give her the old APRIL FOOLS.

post a profile for a friend with their home number saying all they want to do is get laid...

If your friend is not married but has a boyfriend, let it slip that he is thinking about asking her to marry him.

Tell your boyfriend you are three weeks late

My girlfriend and I were at a local park, sitting on a blanket by the artificial lake, watching the ducks. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of other people there; in fact, it was downright crowded. I said "You know, we should really go skinny dipping in the lake. Right now." She laughed and said something like "Yeah. Uh huh." But I kept talking about it. She kept insisting that I was full of crap. Finally, I said "Well, whether you want to come with me or not, I'm going in." And I stood up and took off my pants. She screamed and, to my surprise, ran. However, she only got about ten feet before she realized that I had had a pair of shorts on underneath my pants.

Tell your girlfriend or boyfriend you found out you have an STD


[F]oxymoron said...

Regarding #4: to which I reply, for what?

insomniaclolita said...

Was thinking of doing number 2 and 3 but then I'll be hated for sure :P

Saturday Morning Mystic said...

I heart [f]oxymoron for this. I really do.