I'm poor

I really need it to rain so my car can get rinsed off.

Does anyone get a car wash anymore if it isn't free with an oil change?


B-W said...

I sure don't (although insert "fill-up" for "oil change")

Jeffery said...

I wash my car every Friday!

Every other week I take to a full service car wash and have them clean the inside and out and put a coat of wax on there.

On the off weeks I go and wash it myself, just a rinse down, thorough dry, and quick vacuum.

A clean car is so important for the psych!

insomniaclolita said...

I thought rain makes car even dirtier? I love rain but it just makes my car dirty especially after I wash it hehe

Yeti said...

Jeffery...you are CRAZY!!!

But you can clean my little camery ANY time you want ;-) I want to contribute to your positive psych!

Insomniacolita...I suppose you are right. But I think of it as a fresh clean slate that can get dirty. At least, for one brief moment, it is clean again before it is right back where I started :)

Kristin said...

When my car gets really bad, I go to the arroyo car wash at California. $12 for a wash and vacuum!