Poll time

Okay, here's the deal. There is a boy named "Jameson" that I think is cute. As in...I somewhat lose all sense of witty composure I typically posses when I am in his presence.

Here are the facts you need to know:
1. I have "known" him for two years
2. I first met him when he was a TA for one of my classes - he seemed warm toward me then
3. Since the end of that course he has stopped by my office four times - for no apparent reason - to chat and catch up on my life
4. I have encountered him multiple times in our neighborhood coffee shop and each time he seems to linger in order to enjoy my conversation (please, who wouldn't)
5. Conversation seems to be that type that is partially awkward, partially magnetic. Driven by a tension we both know is there - each trying to be just witty enough but not say anything stupid.

I THINK he might be interested, I'm know I am.
BUT he might just be a friendly guy??

(if you voted earlier...sorry...had a lot of problems with the poll today - all fixed now!)


Mateo "El" Barbero said...

Organize a group thing and then invite him along. Make sure you bring at least 3 other cute, single women. And if he only gives YOU the googly eyes, you're set!

Nowhere to be said...

Next time he's in your office ask him if he is going to be hanging around the local coffee shop this weekend, tell him you will be there studying UNFORTUNATELY. Tell him when you'll be there and see if he shows up.
Make it a point to go on evening walks past his house. (That doesn't sound like stalking...I think.)

Olivia McCain said...

you should email him and ask him to go do something fun...like grab an ice cream cone, go see a band play, or grab coffee at a new coffee house (the Coffee Table in Silverlake has the best Chai in the world)

Danielle Graham said...

I actually had the same scenario happen to me like 4 years ago. I ended up emailing the guy and said that if he finds out of any good concerts and needs a date (we both have music in common) to let me know and I gave him my phone number. I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous. The next cool concert-which was like 2 months later... he emailed me and asked me to be his date.

fyi: I'm probably gonna marry that guy ;-)

B-W said...

I chose "other," and filled out exactly what "other" I intended, but the "results," don't show what I wrote. Yeti, do you get to read those?

(If so, that's really all that matters)

Yeti said...

Yes, B-W...I can see what you wrote :)

[F]oxymoron said...

I voted "other"... give him the recession dating coupon. Win-win-win.

the girl in asia said...

according to the movie "he's just not into you" danielle is 'the exception not the rule"... but... hmm.. i would probably call the guy...