I am at home with my family at the present moment.


And never a dull moment...

Yeti: Are you ever going to be able to fill out a job application on your own?
G2: Yes!
K: Guess who still has to sign him up for all his classes at school.
G2: I COULD do that, but why would I when I don't have to? I KNOW HOW TO DO STUFF.
B: G, you have two different socks on that don't match.

G2: I kind of wish that guy had broken into our house. He looked pretty scrawny, I think I could have taken him.
Yeti: Oh, PLEASE!
G2: Um....have you SEEN my nunchuck skills??

K: I really need a job, but all the hospitals have a hiring freeze right now.
S: You want me to call the head of [insert local hospital name] for you? He used to touch my testicles.

B: Did K tell you? Do you mind if I bring it up?
K: No, that's fine.
B: She went to JAIL!!
K: A little context, please.
B: And they gave her a whistle.

B: I learn all sorts of great medical things from watching House
Yeti: Are you sure that stuff is accurate? You should probably check.
B: Naw, I usually just go with it.

G1: You don't remember me mentioning President Obama during my talk? Were you not paying attention?
Yeti: She was passing K tic-tacs
B: No! That was during the prayer....er....

It has also been filled with evenings around the dinner table playing games...like dominos. Or recanting old and embarrassing childhood memories. Visiting my grandparents at the nursing home. Reconnecting with a few old friends [miss you already djm]. And going to dinner at 3:45p just so they could get the early bird special of $5.99 for a burger, fries AND a pop [you call it pop in the midwest].

Thank you tax return for the spontaneous flight home...its been a great weekend.


konigsmark said...

I'm really happy you made it home. I love the family banter.

Anonymous said...

Yay for fun times at home!

lizzo said...

so, so glad it's been a good weekend for you :) excited to see you soon! (when you emerge from atlanta's clutches....)

insomniaclolita said...

Some things you just share with your family huh? I always love it and appreciate it :) It;s your total comfort zone :)

Robin said...

And now I'm searching for the yeti. Come home, Yeti!