Black Friday

I hate shopping. But for those who do [or have to because you have that "special someone" to shop for...no bitterness here]...best of luck to you. I shall stay in the warmth and comfort of my own home - listening to Christmas music, candles lit, perhaps a movie or two....let me know what great deals you got!

And if you still need help or coupons go HERE or HERE.


Sarah Christoph said...

Your thoughts are my sentiments exactly! I dislike shopping (with the exception of open air markets in foreign countries- that's fun) and think getting up at 4am to hit Macy's is just crazzzzy! What's strange is that I am noticing more and more men bit by the shop-till you-drop bug! A lot of my guy friends know more about what's in style these days than I do.

the kicker is... said...

I just want to say:
live reader feed = creepy.