When we fall...we fall hard

Guys, do you sometimes you wonder what the big deal is if you go out with a girl only a couple times and then break up with her? "What's the big deal? We weren't even that serious."

Well, when we fall....we fall hard. We [fortunately] don't even have to MEET you to fall hard [take my undying love for Edward Norton as an example]. We are emotional beings - we get wrapped up in it all very easily. Now, I don't say any of this to scare you, I just want to shed some light on why we find it so hard to part from you.

Take these girls for example, I this it is a fair guess to say they have never actually met David Archuleta, [and now they never will if he has any say in it] but their undying love for him was evident and they were CRUSHED when things didn't work out:

Remember when we were that convicted? [I MAY feel a little guilty for voting for David Cook now]

When you really think about it - we girls are just really COMMITTED, loyal, invested, caring, and other really nice words that mean the same thing. When we fall for a guy we really like to put our whole selves into it.

*Thank you Cha for passing this video along


Rebecca said...

All I can say is, I really hope I wasn't like that as a 13 year old...I'd like to think I had a healthier obsession with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and the Backstreet Boys

However, totally agree with falling hard, and unfortunately often when the guy has no clue. That makes it even worse!

...love Maegan said...

um, that is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

truth. i don't think it's always only girls who fall hard. however, i've heard someone say that men can call in love in a day, but they can also fall out of love in a heartbeat, whereas women might take a while, but once we're in, we're in. so it may be an overgeneralization, but i think there's some truth in it.

and i also agree with you it's because of a fierce loyalty that we have when we're actually invested in something. then when the relationship is broken, it's fierce pain over it.


Olivia McCain said...

as i wrote on michi's blog...this is how i felt when i found out Chad Allen was gay.

pure and utter devastation.

Leann said...

Ha! I think it's hilarious that girl bet 50 bucks on her idol! That shows confidence right there!

I'd personally be more pissed about my monetary loss... but hey, I'm no one to judge.

Ipp said...

For me, this was relieving... I thought I was the only one crying.

If you replace "vote for" with "date" I'm sure you can age the girls 10 years.

"Why would you [date] that guy with his awful beard."

Kimberly said...

wow. this video is amazing.