Where are you going and with who?

“Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in. So you can waste your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them…and if you’re willing to take the chance, the view from the other side is spectacular.” – Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy.
I like this quote. As I crawl higher and higher in years I become more defined in my passions, desires and goals. But this quote got me thinking. When we are considering what we want to do with our life, a potential person to share these things with becomes something I have started to think about more.

Where do we draw the line or how much of a chance do we give someone to embrace what we are passionate about? Should we close the door because we don’t feel like someone wants to do the same thing with his or her life that we do? Or perhaps we should go for someone we feel connected to and hope that God will draw our paths together?

I can’t help but feel we tend to box ourselves in too much at times. If my life had turned out like I very much thought it would when I was in high school, let’s just say none of you would know who Carrie Underwood is but you ALL would have heard of my name and number one hits on country radio.

Life changes, paths change, desires change – and I think true connection comes down to chemistry and a foundation of values that are common when it comes to family and faith. The rest you can figure out together.


Sarah Christoph said...

I love this post because it is SO true. It reminds me of my parents (married now for 34 yrs) They are total opposites and had virtually nothing in comon when they met- not even faith in the Lord... fortunately, that came later. But they had attraction and a love which was apparently strong enough to get them through the ups and downs of their marriage and found that each other's strengths and weaknesses created a healthy balance in their relationship. It's encouraging to think about this, and was encouraging to read your post. ;-)

konigsmark said...

It's a struggle we all encounter. My first serious girlfriend was a great person. She was smart, funny, ambitious, outgoing... I can keep the list going. Unfortunately, she did not share my same passions in life. I was seeking someone to snowboard with all over the world, she wanted to go to museums and coffee shops. I wanted a partner in ministry, she wanted a provider. The final deal breaker... she wasn't very funny. I need to laugh. I can live with differences, but I cannot live without laughter.

Sarah Christoph said...

konigsmark: ahemmm...I like to snowboard! I want a partner in ministry too! BUT I like coffee shops and vanilla huckleberry fraps. and um, I'm not funny... does looking funny count? I just might look funny enough to keep you laughing all your life! ;-)

Jeffery said...

I like "The rest you can figure out together." Sometimes its really amazing to have people close to you helping shape those passions.

It's cool that you're willing to admit to being Chuck's friend in public (just kidding). I work with him in PV. It's nice to kind of meet you.