People say the funniest things

“So, somebody called me an angel today. What’d you do?” - clj

"It’s better than a bud lite lime, but not better than a Miller lite" [when referring to a REALLY GOOD lager] - Hydro

"It doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you come home for dinner." [When referring to marriage] - Friend's mom

"It's like I was the loading dock and she was the tractor trailer" - Male

"Man, I wish I would have known. I would have paid more attention to you" [referring to a girl liking him in High School] - Male

"I hope one of them falls off the stage on top of me when we go...and I hope they choreograph something for them in Speedos" [talking about Twitch and Will on So You Think You Can Dance] - Yeti

"You should have seen how I was before I met my husband boy crazy slash just crazy." - Female

"I may be a big guy but praise God I don't have cankles." - Male

“All I’ve got going for me at the moment is a date with Latin lover and cross-blogging” - Yeti

"I caught [insert hot guys name] starring at me, but I think he just stares." - Female

"To be honest, I have no idea what his face looks like" [when referring to how much she liked his biceps] - Female

Erika: If I have children someday that’s probably how they’ll dance [when watching a young boy break dance on television]
Yeti: Are you going to train them?
Erika: Nope, I’ll just pray.

"Oh, speaking of classy, I now have a crush on a guy with a girlfriend" – Jennifer

Yeti: Oh gosh, that shirt is disgusting and should not be allowed. But I am sure he has a good heart [referring to a man wearing a plunging v-neck]
Emily: Yes, you can almost see it!

Boss: I am going to look for a boyfriend for you.
Yeti: Really? Wow. You are usually so protective.
Boss: Yes, well. I just don't want you to end up alone with lots of cats.


Anonymous said...

These are some of the best non-context quotes ever. I was giggling, er, laughing over here in the cubey. Thanks for the morning laugh.

JD said...


My friends were discussing whether we would end up as Cougars. I said we'd be Milfs. Then we started talking about grandkids. Then my friend Karla said:

"I'm not going to be a grandma because my uterus is never spitting out kids."


Sarah Christoph said...

Too funny!

charissa said...

hey, how many of the "female" quotes are actually erika? ;)

Anonymous said...

ruthless, chariiiiiiisa, ruthless.

charissa said...

hi jk :)

Yeti said...

jd...looooove that you discussed how you were going to be milf's someday. hilarious

datingnow said...

your blog is inspiring.i love this quote:women are to be loved, not to be understood!