Save a horse ride a cowboy

For those of you who don't know, last night was an epic night in prime time television. The 42nd annual CMA's (Country Music Awards) were on. Why is this night so incredible?


I have a soft spot in my heart for these simple, strong, corny and sexy men. Perhaps it is because I grew up in the great Midwest - or perhaps it is just because they are THAT wonderful. Every year as I watch the CMA's or AMA's my country accent comes out and I feel warm and gooey all over. There's something about country music that makes you feel connected, American, and thankful for your life - cause it could ALWAYS get worse. For example:

And now...here is a taste of some of the hotness from last night:

Brooks and Dunn

Brad Paisley

Jake Owen

Keith Urban

Trace Atkins

Alan Jackson

Kenny Chesney

George Straight

Tim McGraw (did I mention I am married to him? long story)

Now...I realize that I just put Tim in here twice (and he wasn't even at the awards show) - but he's just THAT great.

Kid Rock (this is for you, Robin)

And I had to throw in Reba McEntire because she is amazing and I have a she-crush on her

Anybody? Any country fans?


Kimberly said...

and I'm married to Brad Paisley :) Kimberly Williams

Matt B said...

HA!! That was the funniest post you have ever written...

Umm.... Wait.... You did mean all that ironically, didn't you?

Michi said...

My country knowledge is limited, but I like:

1. Kenny Chesney, "I Go Back"
That song is as American as they come!

2. Ryan Adams/Tim McGraw, "When the Stars Go Blue"

And a handful of other songs by Whiskeytown.

Anonymous said...

I am more a Bluegrass guy than country. That being said, you still have good taste in music.

Lindsey said...

Well, now it's my turn to be jealous. I don't get channels right now so I'll have to watch it in snippets on youtube. :)

Yeti said...

matt...you are mean. you are a mean boy.

charissa said...


Anonymous said...

i pick keith urban.

that's right, i like country even though i live in southern california. they let us listen to it here. :-)


Leann said...

Besides the lure of a cowboy serenading you on a porch in the middle of the mountains, there's nothing like watching handsome bull-riding cowboys kick ass in chaps.

You know it's true.

Yeti said...

assless chaps

konigsmark said...

Wish I was there, but we got to see Kenny live.

Yeti said...

and kenny's ass looks MUCH better live than on tv ;-)

john said...

kenny chesney is also practically bald...ever see him without a hat on?

Yeti said...

hair is overrated.

Griz said...

i approve of all your choices.