What do you do when someone walks up to you and tells you that they think they look like you-or that someone else has told them that. But you think they're really UGLY? (this actually happened to me once!)

Do you think that's how all these celebrities feel when they see their photos plastered everywhere?

Other than Katie Holmes, of course, who can't believe she was lucky enough to resemble me.


B-W said...

My wife talks about the first time she saw bus advertising for "Bionic Woman" a couple of years ago, and how she thought how beautiful the lead actress, Michelle Ryan, was. Then, someone commented that how much Ryan looked like her, and she was embarrassed that she might have sounded egotistical. But, on the other hand, she can at least say she thinks she looks good! (I agree!)

You can see the resemblance for yourself on Facebook at the moment.

Alexis said...

The worst is when they tell you that you look like a celebrity that you think is ugly (and especially when you don't feel as though you resemble them). It's not a compliment-- and it was never meant to be one! I haven't come up with a witty way to tell people that I don't appreciate the comparison. Suggestions would be appreciated.

JJ said...

The two guys I traveled with doing improv looked a lot like Ray Ramano and Bruce Willis. People would come up to them all the time after shows and ask them if someone ever told them that. Then they would get to me.... I got Screech, Danny DeVito, Kevin James, Jack Black and a few others.

Always a good boost for the ol' esteem.

Yeti said...

Hey...Jack Black is hot!

Griz said...

I was just gonna say Jack Black isn't bad looking. I guess its best to not look like anyone at all then:(