10 Tips for writing an attractive women overseas

Here is a link to an article by Don Diebel giving advice to men on how to write to women in other countries [NOT America, because we are all snobs].

Here are a couple of my favorites:

3. Don't be concerned if you are not handsome. These women are more interested in what you are like on the inside. They value character, stability, honesty, and love of family much more than your looks.

7. Don't pass on beautiful single women that may be twenty years younger than you. They are not concerned about the age issue like here in America. They judge you by your heart and if you are a good person and not because you are a little older than her.

Go HERE for the whole article. Priceless.

**Thank you This Front Porch for passing this on to me.


~sarah said...

I like that the author is "Americas #1 Singles Expert." Not "America's." Guess he used his spell check function but not the grammar check. Or was that available in 1997? I forget...

[F]oxymoron said...

I'm now an enlightened man. Thank you!

Rebecca said...

Oh my word, is that for real??? I do think its funny that these women don't care about your looks like us gold digger US women, however it says to send your best recent picture. Oh, and make sure you write legibly.

Praise said...

Hahah hilair.
And outrageous.